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Sarah and Jordan

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Our Story

It all started when the world stopped… What was supposed to be a terrible time in the world, actually became an exciting adventure that neither one of us expected to embark on.

Initially, we met at the gym. (Which if any of you knows us, you know how hilarious that sounds… Don’t worry, Jordan wasn’t a creeper gym bro (and neither was Sarah)… lol) While the world was partially opening back up, so was the gym! As most of you know, Jordan teaches spin as something fun to do in his spare time, and Sarah is a very active little lady! There would be a class almost every day of the week, whether that was taught by Jordan or other instructors, and both of us always showed up for a ride!

Class after class, Jordan, Sarah, and a few other individuals would start to become a close group. There was one day where Sarah tried to shoot her shot by inviting Jordan on a hike, but Jordan unfortunately declined due to other obligations. (Cue you thinking “Booooo Jordan you suck!”) Don’t worry, they got to hang out outside of their gym sessions soon.

The little core group that was, planned a trip to Top Golf to enjoy each other’s company and have some fun off the bike! After that, Sarah invited Jordan on yet another hike, to which he finally accepted. What Sarah failed to mention was how flippin’ hard the hike was going to be.

On the way to the hike, Sarah and Jordan were listening to a crime podcast about Scott and Laci Peterson. (Which.. looking back on it… what a freaking creepy way to start this whole thing off….) Anywho, they got to their destination in Monterey, and as Sarah was striding forward and Jordan trying to keep up with her, they got to talk about a lot. (well, Jordan tried to but he was too busy huffing and puffing)… anyway, they got to learn about each other’s families, beliefs, values, and all the basic things you need to know about a person to start to feel like you know them. After they finally made it back down the mountain, they went off to eat and headed back home. Unbeknownst to us, the coast would became an important destination for us.. It’s where we had our first kiss, said our first I love you’s, and where Jordan proposed!).

After spending some more time together, they began to feel like their friendship was turning into something more. Jordan had a crush first, even though Sarah swears she did. Their group hangouts slowly transitioned into dates with just them two. It was Memorial day weekend when Jordan finally asked Sarah to officially be his girlfriend.

That summer was such a fun one! It included many trips to Lodi Lake to paddle board (shout out to our pal Denna for getting us hooked!), El Jardin for margaritas and flour tortilla chips, countless trips to Monterey and Carmel, and of course a Tahoe trip. Fun fact - this Tahoe trip was the first time Jordan really hung out with and got to know all of Sarah’s friends. Nerve-racking much?? Unsurprisingly, Sarah keeps great company so there was literally nothing to be nervous about. Sarah’s friends approved! (Phew! Lol).

Speaking of first time meets… the first time Sarah met Jordan’s family, Sarah spilled a whole thing of salsa on the table. How mortifying when meeting the parents! Hahaha. Sarah first met Jordan’s dad in Reno, and we got to go to a Hot Air Balloon festival which was just beautiful. Jordan met Sarah’s parents on her mom’s birthday, which was a great opportunity to meet the family! Sarah of course got to meet Jordan’s friends and all the crazy they had to offer, and they immediately knew she was the one for him.

Apparently Jordan also knew that as well because since the beginning, he told Sarah that he just knew this relationship was going to work and that they were going to be each other’s happily ever after. (Dang Jordan… aggressive much? Slow down! Lol) But here we are… he’s rarely wrong you see? (Can anyone take a wild guess who is writing this? *wink wink*)

Fast forward some months and Sarah got some unanticipated news. One morning before heading out to work, she had a feeling something was off. She went to the Walgreens down the road and purchased a little stick to confirm her suspicions. BOY WAS SHE RIGHT! (She rarely is wrong though… can you still guess who’s writing this and wants to start our marriage off right? Hehehe) Later that evening, she sat up on the counter and called Jordan over. Once he came over to her, immediate tears. She told him she was pregnant and he (finally) was speechless. After the initial wave of emotions, they knew this happened a lot sooner than expected, but both were already in very good spots in their lives personally and professionally, so onward to the biggest adventure of life… Parenting.

The biggest blessing of all, other than Ms. Eliza of course, was the amount of support we received from all our family and friends. Everyone in our lives (if you are reading this, this includes you!) has been instrumental in ensuring we knew and felt this baby would be supported and loved profoundly, and for that we are so grateful.

Here we are, over a year later, and have been blessed with the most beautiful baby girl. Parenting has the potential to be the most trying on a relationship, but fortunately for us, it has only made us stronger together. The truest of tests, we are certainly passing!

We can not wait to celebrate with you all on our special day, and are so fortunate we have you in our lives!

-Sarah and Jordan